Creating services and modules
for travel companies
Complex web development and corporate solutions,
business and service automation

What we can do

Connect any API
Integrate any service into your project.
Module development
A project is divided into independent components which can interact with each other.
Apply SPA architecture
Attractive technology due to the interface's fast response to user actions.
Analytics and documenting
We perform an analysis, draw up terms of reference and document the outcomes.
Apply modern technology
We use PHP7, PostgreSql, Vue.js for web projects.
PHP, Python, Kotlin, Java, C#, Objective-C, Swift
We select the most suitable technology for each project.

Our projects
Russian Railway website that allows you to book tickets for Russian trains.

Only a few services can boast such functionality, since it is important not only to choose the ticket number, but also to display the train's seating plan, the number of such possible schemes exceeds 50.

Оne of the system's distinctive features is the possibility to not only book tickets of a certain category, but also to directly select a seat on the train itself.
Russian Train Tickets website that allows you to book tickets for Russian trains.

Fail-safe features were an important point in this project. Displaying ticket price information and booking requires an API connection. An API failure could occur on the partner's side.

In order to protect the portal from such incidents, we've integrated with several APIs at once. Even if the main partner “fails”, the system can automatically switch to another channel and the portal will continue to operate.
Private guide allows you find a local guide and create a perfect trip.

At first glance, this project doesn't seem to have any technological peculiarities, but it is an example of extensive work and effort.

All the details from guides' schedules are taken into account, and users can share their schedules with others.

Automation of the communication processes between the guide and the client, notifications and warnings about the trip, the importance of leaving feedback and much more.
When it comes to city projects, it's always important to pay particular attention to the map.

This is exactly what we did. Everyone is looking for something different, so it's extremely important to provide a convenient filtering mechanism.

All the details from guides' schedules are taken into account, and users can share their schedules with others.

With just a few clicks, both tourists and St. Petersburg residents can find not only where to rent bicycles, but even filter out where they can rent a tandem bicycle. All this and much more was realised on ipetersburg and seasoned with high performance.
A unique project in the hotel industry.

There are plenty of portals on the market integrating hotel prices from different websites. However, they only allow you to look at the room prices as "starting from...". What's more, the prices contain many different nuances – whether or not they include meals, free cancellation etc. takes into account all these subtle aspects. The service aggregates the prices of various systems and shows the best prices according to the tariffs.
This project is much more than just an advertisement cover for a series of virtual reality games.

Here we've also implemented the server engine for multi-player VR games interaction.

The project aggregates a wide range of statistical data and provides a wide range of information opportunities for franchise participants in augmented reality adventure games.

Alice in Wonderland AR quest
An augmented reality adventure game. Available on the App Store.

By far not every game can boast 400,000+ settings. And only a few applications can simultaneously have 7,500+ reviews and a 4.8 rating. We managed to achieve it. The game constantly features in Apple Store Tops.
Avatarico is among our group of companies as well.

We have already developed over a dozen virtual and augmented reality games. Based on our products in VR escape rooms, 100+ businesses in 60+ cities in 20+ countries around the world were established.

About us

Teamhotels has been operating since 2011. Currently, we have prepared an extensive range of turnkey functions, allowing projects with tight deadlines to be launched.
We successfully work with tasks requiring a sprint start and projects focused on long-term support and development.
Our team of professionals has more than 7-year's experience in web development, VR and AR projects.
Our experience not only covers simple technical implementations of products, but also in creating profitable online travel businesses. Each of the specified projects is profitable.
Take on complex unsolvable tasks
Where other companies give up, we rise to the challenge.
Ready to work within tight deadlines
Even when the work was due yesterday.
Apply a flexible policy
We adapt to the organisation's needs as a whole.
Completed projects and turning a profit
Satisfied clients around the world
Professional developers in our team

What we offer

For startups
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Within 2 months
  • At a fixed price
  • To test ideas
For medium-sized and small businesses
  • Concept development & project cost calculation prior to launch
  • Within 5 working days
  • Completely free of charge
We specialise in
  • Business automation consulting
  • Web development
  • Quality Code enhancement
  • SEO
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Alice in Wonderland AR quest


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